Wednesday, February 3, 2016

UNSTERBLICH - The anniversary tour

with Metallspürhunde and JanRevolution

03.03.2016 München, Backstage Halle
04.03.2016 Stuttgart, ClubCann
05.03.2016 Mannheim, Alte Seilerei
10.03.2016 Nürnberg, Hirsch
11.03.2016 Bochum, Matrix
12.03.2016 Hamburg, Markthalle
17.03.2016 Berlin, K17
18.03.2016 Leipzig, Täubchenthal
19.03.2016 Görlitz, Landskron Kulturbrauerei

Saturday, December 12, 2015

UNSTERBLICH - The 20th anniversary album

"This is album we wanted to do for a long time and it reflects the current state of the band just like the numerous acclaimed live performances this year"

Available 26.02.2016 - PRE-ORDER NOW!

Standard edition:
Limited edition:
Fan set:
Ultimate fan set:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The new album "Drahtseilakt"

Behind the strongly symbolic title („Drahtseilakt“ meaning „a walk on the tightrope“), L'ÂME IMMORTELLE tell stories of sorrow and solitude, but also of power and courage, framed by the Moirai, the Greek goddesses of fate. Hidden from the eyes of the world they weave fate into our world and determine every single way of life. And in terms of L'ÂME IMMORTELLE, they did an excellent job: „Drahtseilakt“ is the unquestionable peak of a career spanning almost 20 years, and the final proof that letting loose may be the best option at times. Epic, electronic, eternal

THE NEW ALBUM: "Drahtseilakt" out on 28.11.14
pre-order now:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The winners of the remix contest

Out of more that 50 contestants we picked the winner of the L'ÂME IMMORTELLE remix contest surrounding the release of our latest album Fragmente - and the winner is AUDIO-FX, a British duo blending Dubstep and Industrial - a mix which is intriguingly far away from the original LAI style. They sent both tracks that were open for reworking - Hold me and Absolution - through their sinister sound machines and won the duo's appreciation straight away. Orkus! and L'ÂME IMMORTELLE congratulate the winner!

The results of the remix contest:

1. AUDIO-FX (UK) download MP3 320kbps / website
2. MIRRORS OF MIND (Lithuania) download MP3 320kbps / website
3. D-LAYED (Israel) download MP3 320kbps / website

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sonja Kraushofer about "Fragmente"

„We never created any borders with L´ÂME IMMORTELLE as far as the songwriting was concerned but for „Fragmente“, we really took it over the top and went to extremes“, Sonja tells about the basic idea behind „Fragmente“. Like Thomas, she took five tracks from the last work „Momente“ and clad them into her very own sound. „I would never have dreamed that a Hammond organ (which I like a lot!) or a trumpet would find their way on an LAI album... I am delighted!“ Producer Patrick Damiani re-arranged the songs. Sonja recalls: „Working with him was very creative and inspiring. Thank you – for the wonderful time in the Tidalwave Studio and for all the coffee...“ The result of these sessions can be heard from April 27th, 2012.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Absolution for the dancefloor!

Before we go into more detail about our upcoming follow-up release "Fragmente" we would like to ask for your support by requesting our current club single "Absolution" from your DJs. You can refresh your ears about the track via a small stream here:

Friday, January 27, 2012

„Momente“ is released today!

Today is the day: Our new studio album „Momente“ finally sees the light of day. Three and a half years after „Durch fremde Hand“, we finally return with our new release. We are really looking forward to share this special and intimate work with you. We invested our hearts, souls and passion into these new and extremely personal songs – and hope you will be able to relive our moments of pain, love and longing together with us.